Last Post from the Ghan!

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Last Post from the Ghan!

Post  Yoda on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:06 am

Finally I'm at the end of my tour here!
Pulled my last mission training our replacements a couple of days ago w/ a long 16 hour mission to the southern part of my stomping grounds passing Bagram, Kabul and down 3000 ft switchbacks on the road towards Pakistan. The boys that replaced us said OH MY GOD!! when they saw the terrain we had to drive in. Steep learning curve (pun intended) all around and prayers and good luck for them as the region is getting more volatile with the coming spring. Was blessed with a really kick ass combat team at the squad and team level with an average of 85 percent combat veterans and quite a number with multiple tours, average intelligence and street smarts was up there too ( i checked once and IQ in my squad averaged 118). Got into some TIC's (Troops-In-Contact... the latest buzzword for firefights) and encountered some IED's of w/c only one took out one of our MRAP's. No fatalities and except for some guys sent home with injuries. Worked w/ various units, ANA (Afghan Army), ANP (Police), odds and ends from various US Units, civilian and Govt agencies, contractors and the french. French Mountain units, Foreign Legion, Marines, Marine Commandoes, French Special Forces (my most coveted patch this tour was from 1st RPIMa.. French equivelant to the SAS). Worked in MRAP's and even did some Air Assault missions w/ Apaches, Kiowas, Gazelles and Tigres ( kick ass French-German attack helo). Fire Support from French 120mm and 81mm mortars, French AMX-10RC armoured cars w/ 105mm tank guns, 20mm and .50 cal from French VAB and VBL APC's. French infantry had FAMAS rifles, SAW, AAT-51 (equivelant to M240), FR-F2 (equivelant to M24), French SF had HK G-36K and G-36C, HK 416 and 417's!!!! PGM Hecate sniper rifles in .50 cal and my fav the Sako TRG-42 in .338 lapua. The Frenchies lost a number of people to combat and accidents. French chow was either really good or really bad but usually better than most american chow hall fare. French rations came in 24 hr packs unlike MRE's but for some reason the Frenchies always seemed ready to trade for MRE's (probably because of portability and ease of heating for the MRE's). Been swapping stories w/ the other guys now that we've linked up w/ our other 15 teams from all over the Ghan. Sad to hear about the other casualties but glad it's all over and most of my friends made it ok. I'm happy that none of my own men became casualties so I chalk this one as 100% for bringing everyone back and 100% for all the people I was assigned to protect. Lots of good and bad memories i only wish we could have done more.


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Re: Last Post from the Ghan!

Post  speedygonzalez on Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:36 pm

thank you !

you back home yet?


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