GSG-5 modified 10 rounder

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GSG-5 modified 10 rounder

Post  hun on Fri May 16, 2008 8:44 am

I found this info at:

Magazine Mod For Ban States

The_Lynch_Family modified his mags to 10 rounds so he would be state legal.

First off, take the mag apart and load in however many rounds are legal in your state with the mag follower to determine how far the follower travels. 10 rounds will be used here.

Mark the location of where the roll pin needs to be located. Do on both sides of the mag body. Left and Right.

Drill through the marked location. Do this on both sides of the mag body. You must drill as close as possible to the edged of the mag .

Picture of the drilled hole. You can't really tell in the pic but the hole is more in the curve/round part of the mag instead of on the flat surface.

Picture of the roll pin tapped into one side of the mag body. Note how close the roll pin is to the edge of the side rail on the mag body. When you drill through the mag you basically want your drill bit to drill slightly into the side lip of the mag body.

Picture of the roll pin on the one side already inserted and the hole drilled on the other side.

Picture of the roll pin and follower with rounds.

Put the mag together. Then take black epoxy and fill in the holes in the mag. Below is a pic of the first fill of epoxy. Use filler as needed to get it flush with the mag body. After it dries you cannot tell it has been modified and it is permanent.


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