For those of you building an AR15

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For those of you building an AR15

Post  hun on Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:27 pm

It's easy! Follow this guide once you have your parts, ask someone for help on the boards, or bring me some Makers Mark to my house and i'll help... LOL. If I missed anything, please add. THX!

A list of things that are neccessary:

- Lower receiver
- Lower parts kit or LPK
- Stock (preferably with the entire buffer assembly: buffer, buffer tube, buffer spring, castle nut)
- Fully assembled upper assembly. This is the preferred option because you get a M4 feed ramp. We can build the upper assembly part by part, but it would cost the same. At least you have the peace of mind knowing that an armor has installed and test fired your upper.

Check out my boy at Pete hooks it up with the best prices that I've seen. Although the wait time starts at 22 weeks from the factory which is uncontrollable due to the high demand.

Optional Items

- Other pistol grips: Hogue, Ergo, Magpul, Tango Down, etc.
- 2 Stage National Match Trigger: More efficient and cleaner break when the trigger is pulled
- Vertical grip to go with your quad rail
- Eotech or other Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS)
- Badger Tactical Latch: To charge the round into the chamber with one hand easier
- A good 6 position stock: Preferably one with a padding at the end. I like the CAA stock
- VTAC sling or Vickers Sling: I like the VTAC. Better material, and seems to have a far superior adjustable buckle system
- Quad rail: So you can add all i.e. Vertical Grip, flashlight, etc.
- Chromeline Barrel. Prevents rust the best
- 1:7 Twist on the barrel: Basically, you can use heavier grain bullets. If you buy this barrel,... wanna trade with me plz??? LOL
- Rail Covers for you Quad rail: Magpul ladders covers, magpul XTM covers, tango down covers, etc.
- Bore Snake .223 so you can clean your barrel anywhere!
- A good case for transportation: Pelican 1700, 1720, 1750 are great choices but are $150 at the cheapest.

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