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Pasados Tactical Gear

Post  Yoda on Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:02 pm

Pasados Tactical Gear

It's kinda hard to train when you don't have the right gear and making do means you really don't get to train right.

Here's my recommendations on gear.

Highly recommend gear in CB (coyote brown), or FDE (flat dark earth). One it's very low profile but still looks pro, works in pretty much any environment.

First Line Gear

Holster- retention is a must, as well as a hard shell construction for speed and safety, highly recommend the Safariland 6004 or like models as well as the BHI SERPA. Recommend a leg mount. A good holster is safe yet fast, the time you save on the draw makes a big difference in performance on courses.

Belt mounted mag pouch- hard shell for pistol or even rifle, optional if you don't want to wear full rig in pistol practice.

Hard shell material for holster and mag holders helps in doing immediate action drills one handed.

Second Line Gear

Chest rig- Something minimalist yet carries 4-8 rifle mags, 2-4 pistol mags. At least something along the lines of an Eagle Universal Chest Rig on the low end there's several variants, you need at least the basic kind but if you want more flexibility go for the MOLLE variants or even an Esstac Boar. I like the chest rig for ease of use, high ride, and flexibility (just put it over armor).

Tac vests- They're ok too, again something minimalist and MOLLE for flexibility, 5.11 makes one as does Tac Tailor among others.

Primary Weapon & Accesories

Slings- recommend a two-point sling w/ the capability to turn into a single-point. I use the Viking Tactics Padded Sling w/ HK claws. Magpul is coming out w/ a similar sling. Blue Force Gear also has a comparable sling.

Sling mounts- I use a Tangodown Agency type removable mount on the buffer tube for my issue weapon, as well as GG&G fixed mount on my RRA. Magpul is coming out w/ theirs that's only around 26 bucks or so and will complement their new sling. Some of you have acquired rail mounted sling mounts and these too are great.

Lights and mounts- Without access to night vision or even with, using a light is a must in today's tactical environment whether in the battlefield or for home defense. I'm still trying to figure out how we can train for this live fire but for now dry-fire and sim is the order of the day. For the light something along the lines of a Surefire G2 (recommend the LED) is good to go. A light scout mount like the VTAC is good to go as well (cheap at around 18-20 bucks).

Forward grip- Can't be gangsta if you don't have the gangsta grip! For weapons control, retention & flexibility in non-prone shoots having a forward grip is hard to beat. Doesn't have to be fancy as long as it locks pretty securely on the rail.

Stocks and pads- Again doesn't have to be fancy but I do recomend a pad both for comfort and getting a good shoulder weld.

Rail covers- For those w/ rails again as long as it works, it's good to go. Recently added the Magpul XTM covers in alternating FG & FDE, nice camo effect and dead sexy!

Other accessories- A lot of you use bipods, the Harris does the job for me but might go the grip pod for the carbine in the future. Ambi controls, enhanced trigger guards, pistol grips, stocks w/ additional features, mag couplers....what have you, the sky is the limit just stay practical and try not to have too much of a christmas tree on your carbine!

Optics, backup sights To be competitive for speed, a red dot is almost essential and nothing beats the Eotech in this regard. My only concern is the the new trend for the chingban clones. Don't complain to me if your shiznit doesn't perform as well as real one especially on zero. Another concern is dismounting the backup iron sights, kinda hard to co-witness and do iron sight zero without one. Got to keep practicing the basics too.

Mags- MAGPUL PMAG! word. USGI mags are ok too but nothing beats the Pmags. Test your mags regardless of type and origin use a two part test. Step one-drop test empty mag from your AR (should drop freely). Step two- load mag w/ 12-18 rounds and slam bottom of mag in your palm, if rounds pop out, shit can the mag! A bad mag will just get you killed! 90-99% of stoppages is caused by your mags, dirt/dust and lack of lubrication. Check your mags for wear and tear, check the springs and feed lips. Try not to store your mags loaded, the only mag that this is ok is the Pmag. Loading mags other than Pmags load full capacity minus one or two rounds.


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